Ålands Sjöfart


Ålands Sjöfart (The Åland Shipping Gazette) has it roots back to 1939 when the first issue was published. The vision was from the very start to tell the story about life at sea and describe the personalities and enterprises involved in both national and international shipping. The Åland Islands are in many ways the heart of Baltic Sea Shipping and the junction where all the ferries between Sweden, Finland and Estonia connect. Ålands Sjöfart is written in Swedish and circulated four times a year with 15.000 copies each time. The newspaper is send to all the households and companies on Åland and to the parliamentarians in Finland and Sweden aswell to readers all over the globe. On Facebook we are followed by nearly 7.000 friends.


Without knowledge, bold decisions and an outstanding will for change there would be no development in shipping. Ålands Sjöfart focus on the people who make a difference. We present executives, captains, engineers, seamen, office staff, relatives and many more that take part in international businesses at sea on different levels. Part from publishing a printed newspaper four times a year we are active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – where the people are. We are also deeply involved in the organising of the Åland Maritime Day which will take place the 9th of May next year and attracts a huge number of shipping people to the autonomous and self-governed Åland Islands. Please read more at www.sjofart.ax.


Ålands Sjöfart aims to be the source for knowledge and inspiration. We want to be the platform where the industry meet the future employees and those who will make a change not only today but also tomorrow. With analysis and enthusiasm and a great skill of storytelling we want to make Life at Sea attractive to youngsters and students looking for a prosperous future. Our journalism is based on common sense and a great network and can be described as follows: ”If someone says it’s raining & another person says it’s dry, it’s not your job to quote them both. Your job is to look out the f***ing window and find out which is true.” (Quote: Journalism Tutor via Sally Claire.)