Green Jakobsen

Green-Jakobsen will host a half-day workshop at Copenhagen Shipping Summit.

"First-hand knowledge about safety performance and leadership is continuously collected through Safety Maturity Assessments where we conduct a vast number of face-to-face interviews with seafarers and office staff. On top of that we carry out multiple safety and leadership programmes together with our valuable clients.

When we conduct our workshops, our take-off is this knowledge. We challenge the participants with a number of hypotheses that will be discussed. The discussions are then supported by suggested solutions to overcome these challenges presenting tools and strategic considerations to take into account.

I greatly value the dialogue we have with the participants and both parties are richer in knowledge when we finish."

Erik Green

About Green-Jakobsen

Green-Jakobsen is highly specialized in maritime safety, leadership and human resource performance. Over the years we have rolled out multiple development programmes and activities in the maritime segment. We design and support the processes that strengthen the safety culture, drive, cultivate and develop human performance. We have facilitated improved human performance and resilience, and trained thousands of seafarers and office staff world-wide.

Our solutions are practice near and relevant for the people in focus and all activities are carried out on close cooperation with our clients.

We conduct a large number of courses, webinars and workshops, including safety leadership, risk management, soft skills and appraisal training.