Maritime Development Center (MDC)

MDC will host an event focused on HR & Management. 

"MDC contributes to the new initiative with an event that emerges from the work of MDC's HR & Crew Management Forum. MDC continuously supports the work of developing the maritime workplace of the future across the maritime value chain. Recently, MDC has kicked off the debate on More Women at Sea. MDC is pleased to meet the business on the Copenhagen Shipping Summit platform - about this and other relevant topics that can support our business's positive development."

Mikkel Navarro Hansen
Maritime Development Center (MDC)

The Maritime Development Center is the cluster organization for the Blue Denmark, and a network organization for the maritime business and stakeholders. The association was founded in 1999 and counts around 170 members representing the maritime cluster.

MDC is awarded the Gold Label for cluster excellence according to the European standard issued by European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis.

What they do?

As a cluster organization, they bring together authorities, knowledge institutions and all types of companies within the maritime business. The strength is the ability to work and collaborate across the entire industry.

They have three core activities.

  • Events & Network
  • Projects
  • Secretariats